Michael J. Fleck opened his law practice in November, 1995 in the then-recent offices of the Huntley Area Chamber of Commerce. Huntley had a population of about 2,500 at that time.

As the Village grew, so did Mr. Fleck's practice. An active member of the Chamber of Commerce, he developed a strong clientele of local businesses as well as individuals who helped his practice grow and mature. Taking on a few associate attorneys over the years to help manage the case load, he eventually combined his practice in 2002 with another Elgin-based firm that had a strong Huntley presence. He continued to maintain his full-time Huntley practice out of the EFS Bank building. It was at this time that his paralegal Nancy L. Dvorak joined his practice.

Forging a strong practice in the areas of estate planning and administration, real estate law and civil litigation, he ventured back out with a solo practice. Mrs. Dvorak joined as well. Fleck's traditional practice areas continued to grow and he soon found himself involved in a complex commercial litigation, representing approximately 150 small businesses from around the country involved in a telecommunications leasing fraud scheme. The practice grew to two additional associates and more staff to assist with the increased litigation load. Fleck's office helped serve on the ad hoc steering committee of 5 attorneys who helped guide the litigation involving over 500 parties, ultimately leading to successful settlement in the bankruptcy court. His reputation in this area of litigation led him to represent other businesses victimized in similar equipment leasing schemes.

In 2008, Fleck was able to secure new office space in Huntley, expanding his office at it's current Dean Street location. Huntley is now approximately 30,000 residents strong and Fleck's practice continues to be honored to serve the Huntley area in its legal needs.